Socially Distanced Summer Camp 2020

Your children’s safety is our top priority. Social distancing will be maintained  at all times in our 2000+ sqft studio to allow each camper to let out their inner artist and maximize the fun this summer


      • Camp is open for grades 2-5 

      • Weekly projects to build strong art skills and techniques with multiple mediums
      • Camp will run Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1pm, Fridays will be Fun Fridays where kids make fun crafts & play social distancing games!!!

      • Snack time will be at 11:30, please provide a snack and a drink (peanut free) To comply with social distancing protocols each table will only seat 2 or 3 children.


Week 1: Identity Collage Painting 

o In this workshop children will create a canvas painting of themselves in a silhouette. The painting will encompass all of the important parts of their life and what makes them who they are. This could include their hobbies, their favorite food, their favorite places to go, etc. These images will then be put together in a coherent manner to build and capture their identity in the form of a portrait. 


Week 2: The Perfect Beach Day 

o In this workshop children will create a step by step detailed beach scenery painting. They can each add their own touch to the painting from a good memory they had at the beach. They will then make the beach setting come to life by adding real sand, real seashells, and create their own sea animals to complete the scene. 


Week 3: One of A Kind Boardgame 

o In this workshop children will use a variety of materials to create their very own board game. They will be able to customize the game with their art skills coming up with a theme of their choice. The game will have multiple components and game pieces as well as a set of rules on how it will be played. The children can enjoy playing their own board game with family and friends. 


Week 4: Garden Mosaic Scene 

o In this workshop children will create a step by step garden scenery painting. They will add multiple components to their garden and learn the technique of drawing various flowers. To finish off the garden scene children will choose a garden friend such as a butterfly, bee, etc and create it with glitter mosaics. 


Week 5: Comic Book Creation 

o In this workshop children will create a short comic book story and display the story in the form of art to mimic a real comic book strip. They will come up with their very own plot, characters, and setting, and then use cartoon art skills taught by the artist to make their story come to life. 


Week6: TBD

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